POLICE patrols have been increased around Dursley due to a rise in anti-social behaviour. 

According to PCSO Richard Payne from Gloucestershire Police, officers are carrying out more patrols in the town centre in an effort to reassure the community.

PCSO Payne said in a community alert: “We have received reports from organisations, businesses and residents about anti-social behaviour in and around Dursley town centre.

“In response, local officers have begun increasing patrols in the area to reassure local residents. 

“We are also working with local schools, businesses, the town council  and community groups and have issued behaviour warning letters to a number of suspected offenders.  

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“We will be issuing further warning letters for any instances of ASB where we can identify offenders.  

“We are also using restorative justice where offenders are made aware of the consequences of their actions and have an opportunity to make reparation to victims.”

If you witness any incidents of anti-social behaviour contact police here - tinyurl.com/4us62a6j

Or you can email PSCO Payne at richard.payne@gloucestershire.police.uk