It is Goodwill Evening this week, which we are heavily involved in organising, so it’s hard to focus on Saturday! It is often a somewhat subdued day after the Goodwill Evening, unsurprisingly.

It will be the first market of December, however, so there are going to be a lot of stalls, with that Christmassy theme suddenly going on. Julian Harvard will be back with his Table decorations, Wreaths and Sprays and so will Nikki Doodson Flowers, who return for their second year with more festive decorations. There will undoubtedly be mistletoe at Day’s Cottage too. Simon Roberts Dipped Beeswax candles will also be in whilst Horton’s Bees and Trees has invested in a wide range of candle moulds and have all kinds of weird and wonderful pure beeswax candles too.

If you haven’t yet ordered your meat for Christmas, it is probably worth cracking on with it. The pressure on local supply chains is very high and you may be disappointed if you leave it too long. The same could be said for ordering cheeses, cakes, and a host of other items. With our small producers, it can be that pre-Christmas sales wipe out stock so fast they can’t keep up!

Look out for Bow in the Cloud Vineyard this Saturday as it will be their last market of the year, with the same applying to Escento Soaps, Katie Crunch Fudge, Kalya, Down to Earth and Penny Campbell pottery.