Reference Howard Price’s disingenuous letter (SNJ 29 Nov) towards Siobhan Baillie MP, he is reminded that she is a backbencher and as such does not need to offer a running commentary about world affairs. There are plenty of news outlets and government ministers doing that job. Besides both main political parties speak with same voice on world affairs.

Obviously Mr Price’s regular letters of mock outrage towards the Conservative government and its Stroud MP is his attempt to hide the fact that Stroud Labour Party is in turmoil and that their Parliamentary candidate is seen as second choice. Upheavals so bad that at one time rumours circulated that there would be two competing candidates for Labour standing at next General Election.

Whereas Mrs Baillie has proven to be an excellent constituency MP and is well thought in Westminster, becoming the first MP from Stroud to second the Loyal Address in the recent State Opening of Parliament. Afterwards Labour Party leader Kier Starmer praised her saying: “It is only right that the prime minister selected someone with good sense to second the Humble Address.”

Brian Neate