I recently visited The Peel Centre in Gloucester as I enjoy what Hobbycraft and Next in particular have to offer and it's different from what I'm able to buy in Stroud.

However BE WARNED anyone now seen parking and then walking to the Quays is issued with a £100 fine.

This is regardless of whether you've spent money or intend to spend money at the retail outlets in The Peel Centre. Apparently that is irrelevant.

The Peel Centre is not self contained - where are the public toilets? So crossing to the Quays is a necessity.

If you're not supposed to park and then go to The Quays, why are there pedestrian lights to facilitate your safe crossing?

Is it any wonder The High Street is in such decline and consumers are choosing to shop on line?

I wonder how many of your readers have been fined in the same way and are as incensed as I am?

There's nothing quite like a fine that says happy Christmas and welcome to Gloucestershire