Pay by cash!

I refer to my letter on car parking and associated matters which you have kindly printed in this week’s edition.

In the same paper there is an article with a warning by the Cotswold District Council to drivers to be aware of scams when paying for car parking by card. If fraudsters are to be avoided surely it would have been better in the first place to allow drivers to pay the exorbitant fees by cash!

I have heard today on the radio that cash is now becoming more popular with the general public anyway.

I do know that many elderly people are deterred from driving to town as they do not know how to use the card system.

Although I have a disabled badge I fully sympathise as I could easily be in the same position and it is not fair to the elderly as it confines them to their homes and shop owners lose out to would be customers.

Why have the councils in this town made it so difficult for residents and visitors.

Charmaine Morley