RESIDENTS in the Stroud district are being asked to check their waste and recycling schedules over the Christmas period as some collections will change.

There will be no collection on Boxing Day, so waste and recycling that would normally be collected on Tuesday 26 December will be taken on Saturday 30 December.

All other collection days remain the same.

Containers and bins should be put out by 6am on collection days, and people are urged to recycle as much Christmas waste as possible.

Environment Committee Chair, Councillor Chloe Turner said: “There will be more waste and recycling than normal over the holiday period, so please spare a thought for the recycling crews who will be out working hard in the cold weather.

“Large pieces of cardboard should be folded and flattened and kept dry, and bins and recycling bags should be taken back in as soon as possible after collection, especially during windy weather.”

Vice Chair Cllr Robin Layfield said: "On a personal note, I would like to say thanks to our Ubico waste disposal crews who have gone above and beyond, time and again to ensure we have a predictable, reliable, and effective service that is the envy of many other councils.

"Please take a moment to thank your bin crew this Christmas when you see them.”

Only wrapping paper that passes the `scrunch test’ can be recycled: remove foil, tape, bows and ribbons then scrunch the paper info a ball.

If it keeps its shape it can be recycled in your green recycling box.

If it springs back out it can’t be recycled and should be placed in your general waste bin or beige sack.

If your waste or recycling is not collected due to snow or icy conditions, please leave it at the kerbside for two days (including Saturdays but not Sundays). If it is not collected within this period, please take it back in and wait until your next scheduled collection.

Here’s a guide to what can and can’t be recycled:

Christmas cards

Can be placed in your household recycling box. Some supermarkets and charity shops accept them.

Remove foil, bows and ribbons. Cards containing glitter can’t be recycled.

Wrapping paper

Can be placed in your household recycling box if it passes the scrunch test.

Remove foil, tape, bows & ribbons first which can’t be recycled

Glass, cans, plastic and foil

Can be placed in your household recycling bin or green sack.


Please don’t put them in plastic bags which can be recycled at most supermarkets.

Make more space by squashing soft plastic.


Please remove the clear plastic film from food containers which can’t be recycled.



Can be placed in your household food recycling caddy.

See Love Food Hate Waste for tips to help you reduce food waste:

Paper and cardboard

Can be placed in your household recycling box

Flatten, cut or fold large pieces to the approximate size of your recycling box

Real Christmas trees

You can arrange a collection by Longfield Hospice which will recycle your tree.


Alternatively, you can make an appointment at the Household Recycling Centre.




Household Recycling Centre: