WELL, I was a bit nervous of the little Arts and Crafts market extension in the Baptist Hall last Saturday, wondering how it would go, whether people would go in etc. I’m delighted to say it was a great success.

It will be open again this Saturday with some different artists and some the same so come and have a look!

I should also mention next week’s Stroud Christmas Markets in the Cornhill, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday next week, which will also be marvellous and the place to finish your Christmas shopping, with a mix of foods, handmade toiletries, arts and crafts and more.

There will be a Churros stall featuring each day with the Wednesday also featuring Lick it Back sounds Christmas disco.

This Saturday’s market will be a whopper. Probably the biggest of the year! Quite a few very popular stalls will be having their last market before Christmas, take note! Jonathan Crump single and double Gloucester cheeses is one to turn up early for.

Last year they had a line of customers for a substantial period of time. Elsewhere, VQ Country wines, with hedgerow and vegetable wines, Sibling Distillery with their special Gins, the ever popular Garlic Farm, Quiggies Piggies, our newest livestock farmer, Rose and Marie vegan cosmetics, Maryanne’s Bakes and preserves, Daphne and Margot Children’s wear, In a Spin hand knitted garments, Liz Dart Stained Glass and quite a few more no doubt are all here for their last market before the break.

A reminder that we don’t have a market between Christmas and New Year.

Last farmer’s market of the year next Saturday, December 23.