A Christmas message from Nailsworth mayor Mike Kelly

I think we all feel desperately sad and appalled when we watch or listen to world and national news.

As individuals, we’re all completely powerless to do anything about the situations in Gaza and Ukraine, and don’t understand why world leaders talk about how climate change is endangering our long-term survival but seem reluctant to take action to improve the situation.

When the world is difficult to comprehend, it’s important to turn inwards and reflect on how supportive our family, friends and colleagues are, and to be comforted by good memories. 

I’ve been Nailsworth’s town mayor for more than a couple of years and the position gives me the privilege of seeing a detailed picture of what goes on in the community. 

Like all towns, we get some silly problems to deal with, but I’m still stunned by the sheer amount of goodwill and hard work shown by the incredible number of volunteers that we’re lucky to have working in our many community groups.

This makes Nailsworth a really vibrant, welcoming and friendly place.

We’ve lost some shops and businesses during the past year, like many other towns, but we’ve also had some new ones open. 

Our town centres are changing, mainly due to differences in shopping habits.

We don’t know what  the future may hold but, as a Town Council, we will continue to do our utmost to support and help all of our local businesses to ensure that the town remains a vibrant and lively place to visit.

Christmas is about sharing and caring.

I witness a lot of this in the area and in our town, and long may it continue. 

On behalf of the Town Council, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and healthy New Year.