Some while ago a TV company exposed Labour of encouraging their supporters to send letters to their local newspapers for massive free publicity. At one time they were even drafting those letters. It seems Howard Price has taken that message on board with his overlong rant against the Conservative government and Stroud’s MP [SNJ 13 Dec].

His letter should have been sent to the Guardian newspaper from where he lifted his slanted accusations. A local newspaper is the proper place to discuss / debate local government but not national politics.

However in his letter Mr Price is at odds with Labour Party leader Kier Starmer who praised Siobhan Baillie for her good sense, something all electors want of their MPs. Siobhan is doing such a good job that Mr Price was forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel by complaining that she had not had taken the opportunity of a photo-shot at a Food Bank. Food Banks were introduced under a previous Labour government and although those who use them are appreciative we all wish a better method of helping them. But as both governments of recent years have discovered the lack of financial resources prevents this.

Labour may win next election but with Stroud Labour Party in disarray and a ringing endorsement from Kier Starmer, Siobhan is set fair to be rightly re-elected as Stroud’s MP.


Brian Neate