As well as District Council elections, in seems likely that we will see a general election in 2024.

During the past 14 years of government, the Tories have decimated our NHS and public services; created an ever increasingly unequal society with record poverty levels; failed to repair our schools; treated asylum seekers with shocking inhumanity; recently watered down their commitments to combat climate change and trashed the economy as well. The list goes on!

A study by the Institute for Public Policy Research estimates it will take at least 2 terms of a new government to repair the damage. It is vital that we elect a Labour MP for the Stroud Constituency to be part of that work. Dr Simon Opher, our Labour parliamentary candidate, has worked locally for over 25 years as a pioneering GP. He is passionate about improving the NHS while also making the connection that better social care; education; housing; and the raising of poverty levels are integral to a healthy society. Overarching all, is the necessity of combatting climate change. He is presently involved in the setting up of a local, sustainable energy group.

May we elect a worthy government and hope for a happier New Year in 2024!

Jo Smith (Mrs)