TWO STROUD PARENTS have paid an emotional tribute to their happy and much-loved baby who died at just 18 weeks. 

Parents Charlie Shill and Rogel Robotham, who live in Stroud town centre, were left devastated when their fourth child together, Xavier, died at just 18 weeks on November 29.

Ms Shill, who in total has eight children and grew up in Devereux Crescent with her grandad and then in Cashes Green with her mum, said she and Rogel now want to give Xavier the best possible send off.

A GoFundMe was set up for Xavier’s funeral and headstone with his parents now thanking the community for the support they have received at this difficult time.

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud parents Charlie Shill and Rogel Robotham pay tribute to their baby who died at just 18 weeks 17608222Stroud parents Charlie Shill and Rogel Robotham pay tribute to their baby who died at just 18 weeks 17608222 (Image: UGC)Ms Shill said: “I nearly died bringing him into the world.

“He was born healthy, but due to complications after the birth I got rushed into theatre and I had spinal blocks and I lost loads of blood.

“I missed his first two feeds and couldn’t even hold him properly for the first day.

“When he was six days old, I had to do CPR on him as he was unresponsive for 25 minutes.

“An ambulance came to our home address and he luckily pulled through.

“It’s just been all too much what we been through together for him to be no longer here.

“The fights we went through to get where we got to, and now he’s no longer here - it’s broken me.

“With problems going on in my life, he was my saviour.

“I moved into our new home in January – Xavier’s name in Arabic means new start and new home.

“To me he was my everything.

Stroud News and Journal: Xavier with mum Charlie“I’m struggling so much without him - he was so perfect in every single way.

“Xavier was so happy, content and full of joy and he only cried when he was hungry.

“He loved his dad from the day he was born.

“Xavier was placed on me and he turned his head as Rogel walked to the other side of the bed in delivery suite.

“He got so excited when Rogel interacted with him - he would hold onto his beard for comfort.

“None of our other three children did this, they hated the touch of his beard, but Xavier would fall asleep with Rogel’s beard clenched in his hands.

“Xavier had his daddy wrapped around his little finger.

“He deserves the most amazing send off for how much he was and is loved by his siblings, parents, his nanny, auntie Elisha, auntie Jade, uncle Kane, and cousins Bohdi and Gracie.

“We want to thank everyone for all the support that they have given us at this difficult time.

“Without them it would have been so much harder.”

So far more than £2,000 has been donated to the fundraiser.

Donate at –

The organiser of the GoFundMe said: “As a family we are trying our best to support and enable them to lay Xavier to rest in peace the best way they possibly can.

“Please show your support in any little way you can, it would be very much appreciated.

“Let's give Xavier the best day he deserves, his little life was way too short, he was given the best angel wings in heaven.

“We love you little prince, sleep tight, we will never forget you darling.

“Please help us to raise our target which will help towards Xavier's funeral and headstone. “

Xavier’s funeral will take place at St Matthew’s Church on January 16.