AS the darkness of the midwinter slowly turns and a few more stallholders rub their eyes and wake up for market, numbers return to something closer to normal.

The street foods are all back, so Funky Falafel and Raclette Raclette return. I had anticipated a longer wait for their return, however, and attempted to fill the gap in advance by booking Lhamos Momo in for the first two markets of the year.

That means that this week, our street food section is boosted by the addition of freshly made Momo! You lucky people! Judging by the volume of bread and pastries shifted at the Salt Bakehouse stall on a regular Saturday, I’m sure many of you will be delighted to hear that they return this week. These people work so hard, you can’t begrudge them an extra week! Cheese is back on the menu too this week after none last week, with Smart’s Traditional Gloucester Cheeses and White Lake Cheeses with goat, sheep and cow’s cheeses.

The ever popular Stroud Smokehouse also returns this week and I’d like to say I tried his smoked pineapple recently and it was shockingly delicious! I took it to a family party and handed it around the assembled guests who unanimously voted it as a “winner”. Elsewhere, Woodchester Valley Vineyard are in attendance and a few of the regular makers are back, with Neil Griffin Leather, Anne Sohn Rethel and James ceramics and Spoon South West are back with their monthly green woodworking stall.