Nationwide has vowed not to leave a Wiltshire town as it reinforces its commitment to high street banking.

The Swindon-based building society is the last financial services provider in Amesbury, despite a population of more than 10,000.

The building society has reiterated its Branch Promise that it will remain everywhere it has a branch until at least 2026.  

Sarah Warwick, branch manager at Nationwide in Amesbury, said: “We understand that our customers are not just account holders - they‘re neighbours, friends, and integral members of the Amesbury community.

“The decision to maintain our high street branch reflects our dedication to local communities. We remain steadfast in continuing to provide a warm and welcoming environment where customers can receive personalised attention, guidance, and support for their financial needs.  

“High streets need as much support as possible at this time and we look forward to welcoming more Amesbury residents to experience what face-to-face banking at their local branch means.” 

Nationwide has the biggest banking branch network in the UK, and its Branch Promise means everywhere it has a branch it will remain until at least 2026.  

The Amesbury branch has been in town since 1981, when then-Prince Charles married Diana, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and Soft Cell were in the charts with “Tainted Love”. 

Nationwide believes that local banking presences are more than just financial service – branch are cornerstones of the community, with Nationwide in Amesbury serving more than 5,500 customers across the town.

Nationwide’s research has found that being able to speak to someone face-to-face (44 per cent) was cited as the main reason why people who use branches value them. The Amesbury branch remains busy today, with ATM usage up nine per cent in the last 12 months. 

Nationwide has recently launched its Safe Spaces initiative, offering discreet support for anyone facing domestic abuse.

The initiative isn’t limited to Nationwide customers and provides a suitable environment for anyone needing to make calls to third-party experts and helplines.

Amesbury branch is part of the initiative and the team has had specialist training to help support those experiencing abuse, including providing help to manage finances and access to a specialist support team among other resources. 

Regionally, Nationwide has donated over £261,000 to three local charities near Amesbury since 2019 through its Community Board, namely Alabare Christian Care and Support, Yellow Brick Road Projects and Unity (Southern).