BACK in the day, when Pippin Doughnuts was still a fledgling business in the hands of the creators (geniuses?) Jim and Hayley, who had given up their cheffing careers to start a food business aimed at the farmers markets. They created what must be the best version in the “Doughnut” genre by using the finest ingredients!

So often the food we create is reliant on the quality of the raw ingredients to be at its best, and Jim and Hayley set about reinventing the humble doughnut using locally milled flour, fresh fruits straight from the growers, real fresh custard and quality sugars.

Nearly 20 years later and Pippin are a well-known brand found at markets all over the region and this weekend, the 3rd Saturday in January, is when their sales begin a peak period.

The combination of people losing their grip on their healthy living resolutions and the grind of our rather dull winter months sets them up as the premium “beat those blues” treats. Even after all these years, I still marvel at the way their queue forms on a Saturday and the tingle of excitement you can see running through the veins of young and old as they look forward to that first bite.

Elsewhere, the Cotswold Curer and Jonathan Crump cheeses return this week and In a Spin hand knitting stall, Rose and Marie cosmetics, VQ Country wines, The Fresh Standard Brewing Company and the Cotswold Scotch Egg are all in for their regular slots.