I learned today with shock that Cavendish House, Cheltenham is to close and that a large number of staff will lose their jobs.

This excellent department store has been in Cheltenham throughout my life.

If this can close what hope for small independent shops here in Cirencester.

I am reliably informed that businesses in town are very quiet at present and there is always the danger that they could go under if the public do not make purchases. This is a very worrying situation for shop owners.

We are all aware of the rising cost of living and the need to make cuts but if we do not support the local shops, particularly the independent ones, then this town will die!

There are plans to consult the public on parking here. This is part of the problem. It should be made far easier and cheaper to park and cash for this should be reintroduced as I have stated in the Standard recently.

We do not wish to become a ghost town! That is the danger!

Charmaine E Morley