Reference Antony Hentschel’s doom laden letter concerning Brexit (SNJ Jan 31). I voted in 1973 Referendum to join the EU (European Community) but voted for Brexit in 2016. During those years the EU transformed from an economic block to a political institution, something I did not vote for nor want.

I remain happy that I voted Brexit and celebrate the restoration of this country’s democratic power to make its own laws and rules.

Brexit freedoms has improved standards for animal welfare, cut taxes on sanitary products, created greater flexibility for cutting edge industries from financial services to bioscience, secured many global free trade deals and also this country had the fastest Covid vaccine rollout in Europe.

Britain is no longer bound by low-growth, high-regulation Europe.

Mr Hentschel’s environmental criticisms post Brexit is old stale news (publicised two years ago) and it is ludicrous of him to imply our own county’s politicians are unconcerned or impotent about his concerns. In fact many EU environmental regulations were incorporated by the UK plus there is renewed investments in cleaner water.

Sadly I agree UK is not the green and pleasant land of William Blake’s era but it is no worse than prior to Brexit, which Mr Hentschel is suggesting.

Tom Newman