THE Stroud News and Journal Community Awards 2024 have launched and we are waiting for your entries.

The inaugural awards in 2023 were a resounding success with the very best of Stroud on show.

Winner of the business of the year in 2023 was the brilliant Stroud Brewery.

We asked Stroud Brewery MD and founder Greg Pilley how it felt to be an award winner last year.

Greg said: "We were thrilled of course.

"It is always affirming to hear our community endorsing what we do.

"Our enterprise exists to be a service and an asset to Stroud, and we will always strive to move with the times, listen to our customers and community, and to help put Stroud on the map as the genuinely unique town/district that it is."

How has business been in the last 12 months?

"We continue to live in interesting times!

"It has been particularly hard for hospitality businesses as we face rising costs and reduced disposable spend.

"Our bar and venue has so many events and operates as a hybrid between community centre and a venue, which brings different people in throughout the day and across the week. This is what most people see of our business.

"However our brewery also sells beer to many other hospitality businesses across the region.

"Pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants which are all facing their own challenges.

"We try to support these businesses, firstly by providing consistently great organic beer, but also helping to differentiate themselves as conscientious businesses looking to improve what they offer whilst reducing impact on the planet, and re-defining themselves as custodians of community - vital meeting places where the intricate threads of the community fabric are woven."

Now is the time to enter the 2024 SNJ Community Awards.

There are the following categories:

New Business of the Year

Best Customer Service

Best Independent Business

Contribution to the Arts

Best Community Project or Group

Best Volunteer or Fundraiser of the year

Sports Team or Club of the Year

Teacher of the Year - Sponsored by: Renishaw

Environmental Project of the Year - Sponsored by: National Grid

Young person of the Year

Diversity in the Community Award

Care Hero of the Year

Neighbour of the Year

To enter please visit

If you would like to sponsor the awards please contact

Event Manager Debra Orr on 07739 820690

or email