VILLAGERS have launched a petition to save a dry stone wall they rebuilt from being demolished.

Residents of Sycamore Grove in Chalford Hill near Stroud took it upon themselves to restore a wall which borders their estate.

Some of the stones they used were from a bunch set aside from a derelict wall which Chalford Parish Council had earmarked to rebuild walls in the village.

But the parish council says they want the stones back and social housing firm GreenSquareAccord says it was built without their permission and must be torn down.

The online petition, set up by Paul Owen, reads: “The residents of Sycamore Grove in Chalford Hill object to the proposed demolition of the wall beside Middle Hill, and request that the building developers, Green Square Accord, reinstate a low dry stone wall boundary in keeping with the rest of Middle Hill.”

Josie Felce, one of the residents who built the wall, says the petition to keep the wall is going well as 40 people have signed it so far.

She also said residents want a boundary wall for the rest of the site

“The petition will be sent to GreenSquareAccord (GSA) in Birmingham to show that there is local support for reinstating a low wall as on the original planning application.

“We will also send it to Stroud District Council to show them about local interest. The GSA office needs to know local people do require a boundary wall.”

A spokesperson for GreenSquareAccord said the wall was built without their permission or that of the planning authority.

“The wall was constructed using stone belonging to Chalford Parish Council, which was taken without their knowledge or prior agreement. The council has requested for their stones to be returned.

“While we actively seek feedback from and try to accommodate reasonable requests, we cannot permit unlawful activity.

“We have requested that the wall is taken down and the hedge is replanted and we will take the necessary action required to ensure this is done.”

Chalford Parish Council said in a statement that Stroud District Council granted planning permission for the planting of a hedge along the front boundary of the Sycamore Grove development.

“A group of local residents recently decided to build a wall instead, using stone belonging to Chalford Parish Council, which they took without the parish council’s knowledge or prior agreement,” they said.

“We understand the wall was also constructed without the necessary planning permission from Stroud District Council or agreement from the landowner.

“The parish council’s only involvement in this matter is to simply request that the stones that were taken by the residents be returned.”

The villagers’ petition can be viewed by clicking here.