A WONDERFUL collection of old photographs from the Stroud area.

The village prison in Bisley features, which had originally been located in the Church yard, was replaced in 1824 by a two-cell lock-up where drunks were kept overnight, and petty criminals were detained before appearing before the magistrate.

This was often followed by a spell in the stocks or pillory. This building still stands, minus its heavy oak doors.

There is also a great picture of the Critchley Brothers coaches waiting to travel, parked up outside the White Horse in Frampton Mansell as well as an old picture of Russell Street in Stroud.

All of these images were taken with permission from the Facebook group Stroud Area Photographs and Cotswold Picture Postcards.

If you have any old photographs of Stroud or the surrounding area please email them to matthew.holmes@newsquest.co.uk.