A CONTENTIOUS stone wall built by villagers which faced being torn down has been saved from demolition.

Until this week, there had been a dispute between Chalford Parish Council, social housing firm GreenSquareAccord and the residents of Sycamore Grove regarding a small boundary wall.

The residents, who rebuilt the wall which borders their estate off Middle Hill in Chalford Hill last year, had been told it had to come down.

The villagers used some stones the parish council had set aside from a derelict wall to build other walls in the parish.

Initially, the parish council was adamant that they wanted their stones returned and site owner GreenSquareAccord said the structure had been built without their permission and needed to be demolished.

However, they all agreed to work together at a meeting yesterday (February 8) between residents, parish councillors, a GreenSquareAccord locality officer and a Stroud District Council officer.

There was agreement that a new low wall which continued along the boundary between Sycamore Grove and Middle Hill would be beneficial and may soon become a reality.

Josie Felce, 79, one of the residents who built the wall said: “It was a very good meeting so we are working together now.

“We are now going forward,” she said. “They all talked together and everyone softened.

“The parish council and Stroud District Council wanted a low wall along there but GreenSquareAccord removed it from the plans at the last stage.

“The parish councillors definitely wanted a wall because a hedge wouldn’t do under the trees as it wouldn’t grow.

“The GreenSquareAccord officer said they would talk to his works committee and would see how they can proceed.

“For sure, we are going to work together and it may be a volunteer team from Sycamore Grove that will build a little wall to continue across the front.”

The structure has been well received in the village and more than 210 people signed a petition to save the wall.