Currently a hot topic. Personally when away on holiday etc. If a car park is provided I tend to use it, provided the fee is modest, rather than clutter up residential streets with our car. This is more respectful of locals and safer for ones own vehicle.

Unfortunately I was reminded of the latter whilst taking my family out for lunch on my birthday.

I did not know where the pub car park was so I parked in a side road, safe and legal, or so I thought. However when we returned some one had scuffed the rear quarter of my car heavily.

No note, nothing, clearly a member of the “I can get away with it brigade”.

Fortunately due to the skill of Matt at Cromhall Refinishing Ltd it barely shows now.

So car parks have a value, although I would rather ours in South Gloucestershire remained free.

Whichever way the current debate ends I hope the local population will continue to support our local traders and use the car parks provided. I would not wish to see a high parking fee lead to a halo of heavily congested residential streets all around Thornbury’s town centre.

David Ward

South Gloucestershire