VOLUNTEERS are needed to ensure Stroud’s public footpaths remain open for everyone to enjoy.

Stroud Town Council is supporting a campaign by local volunteers to ensure all public footpaths are properly recorded on the official map of rights of way.

Natural England has extended the deadline to review the open access Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) maps to 2025.

Paths can be voluntarily registered by the owner.

The Town Council has registered some that are on council land, such as the path between the cemetery and Highfields.

The other ways to get paths registered is using evidence of long use and evidence from old maps.

Mayor Stella Parkes said: “There are still lots of paths to tackle and it’s important to get these paths registered so that they are accessible to everyone."

"Work is being done to register a footpath at Libby’s Drive.

“We need people to complete evidence forms to show that the path has been in regular use for at least 20 years without interruption. 

“We can provide the forms for people to fill in.

"It just takes a few minutes but it’s so important to keep these footpaths open for everyone to use.”

If anyone wants to help with the project get in touch via 01453 762817 or council@stroudtown.gov.uk

There is more information on the Ramblers Association website https://www.ramblers.org.uk/support-us/dont-lose-your-way