STROUD TOWN COUNCIL is asking residents whether they support a 'modest increase' in tax in order to help finance a potential move from their London Road base to the former Locking Hill surgery site. 

The council is currently based at Thanet House in London Road, but it is looking at moving to the former Locking Hill surgery site which closed at the end of 2022 after the Five Valleys Medical Centre opened in King Street. 

In order to pay for this relocation, the council aims to sell 58 London Road and take out a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to buy and refurbish the former surgery. 

A consultation has now been launched to see whether residents support an application to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, Communities and Local Government for a loan of up to £553,750 for a period of 25 years. 

The loan would be for the purchase and refurbishment of the former surgery building. 

It would result in an increase in the annual precept from April 2025 of 2.966 per cent or £28,664,90 which is equivalent to an annual increase of £6.57 per year or 13 pence per week per Band D household. 

STC says the potential move would allow them to 'strengthen their links with the community' and 'make residents feel closer to their local government'. 

An STC spokesperson said: "Our current space is too small for our growing team and the work they do.

"Moving to larger premises within the town centre will allow us to better connect with Stroud residents.

"We plan to share the new space with other community support organisations, creating a convenient one-stop-shop for all.

"The Locking Hill site will allow us to provide meeting rooms for use by local groups and organisations.

"The new location will strengthen our links with the community, making residents feel closer to their local government.

"We will create a professional, welcoming reception for sensitive tasks, such as assisting with burials.

"We would love to be able to offer you a more comfortable environment. It is hoped that accessible toilets will form part of the reception area.

"In the long term, the proposed move is cost-effective.

"If we stay put, we will have to spend council tax to modernise the current Grade 2 listed building.

"The estimated cost of these works is approximately £600,000.

"To move will cost less than staying put.

"A bigger site would help save on the annual rent paid by the Town Council to a private landlord for our current depot.

"At Locking Hill we will be able to house our Green Spaces Team and no longer need a separate depot.

"We are aware that there have been flooding issues at Slad Road, so we will ensure that suitable defences are maintained to protect the building.

The consultation can be reached - or you can e-mail STC your response at

"In the 1990s when the Town Council was created, the London Road offices worked well, but we have expanded our services to offer more support in the community, and taken on additional responsibilities for public land and buildings, for example Stroud Cemetery, Lansdown Hall and the Subscription Rooms."

"We now need more space for a vibrant, sustainable, and accessible Stroud.

"We value your feedback."