WOODY'S Sandwich and Coffee Bar has been nominated as a Best Independent Business in the Stroud News and Journal Community Awards.

Erik Wilkinson nominated Woody's saying:

"Woody's is a wonderful family owned cafe that provides great food at fair prices.

"Kerry and her family along with their friendly staff have create a community - regulars who meet for a coffee and a laugh; or workmen and women who pop in for a quick take away or a sit down - ranging from a bacon or egg roll to a full english breakfast - or perhaps the healthy full salad box for lunch.

"All this orchestrated by Kerry and her daughter Chloe to ensure that all are welcome and welcomed - including a range of dogs who eagerly look forward to the sausage treat they qualify for each time they come. Dogs have been known to sit outside the cafe and refuse to move until their owners take them in.!

"Woody's is a community as well as a business - such an important contribution during these difficult times

"Woody's provides a consistently high quality of food and service six days a week

"They also offer a wide range of food and drinks - including a range of healthy salads.

"They have created a network of customers who get to know each other and join the community as well as offering a wide range of home made cakes - of generous size and reasonable cost.

"Welcoming dogs and providing water and treats for them .

"Woody's are providing such good value that local tradesmen/women drop in for takeaways.

"They provide great tea and coffee as well as herb teas and fruit juices

"Woody's is also providing a character cafe with interesting fixtures and fittings and a place/board for local businesses to advertise themselves.

"They are also flexible to customers diets and needs required."

Nominations are flooding in for the Stroud News and Journal Community Awards and you can nominate a business person project or organisation at Stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk