THERE is a new stall starting this week that will be a regular on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

After the departure of Rose and Marie cosmetics a space was suddenly available. RJ’s of Cheltenham had a stall at our February Vegan Market and proved incredibly popular.

So popular, in fact, that even I went and had a taster of the 5 chilli sauces on offer that day. They’re fantastic!

RJ’S create gourmet chilli sauces to enjoy as seasonings, dips, marinades and more. All their sauces are naturally fermented using a lacto-fermentation process as a natural preservative. They believe pro-biotic chilli sauces are the most exciting chilli sauces. The heat levels range from a gentle tingle to a fiery cascade, with flavours that always raise a smile. The sauces are rated using the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). Flavours on offer this week will include “Yellow habanero No1” with pineapple, papaya, pomegranate and pink peppercorns, “The Red One”, red naga with pineapple, ginger and pink peppercorns and “Scotch Bonnet and Fireflame”, which comes in at approximately 100,000 - 150,000SHU. No slouch on heat but the flavour it delivers is insanely good. Salty and sweet peach and papaya blend wonderfully with a little hint of ginger. A fantastic lingering finish too!

Elsewhere look out for Sibling Distillery, VQ Country Wines, Quiggies Piggies and the Cotswold Scotch Egg company, one of the stalls that never fails to sell out! To get a choice of the flavours they offer, you need to get there before 10!