RACHEL Gerbrands has been nominated for a Stroud News and Journal Community Award in the Teacher of the Year category.

Rachel was nominated for the award by Ry Gerbrands who said that she is a wonderful teaching assistant who specialises in SEND teaching at the Rosary School in Beeches Green.

Ry Said: "Rachel is a wonderful teaching assistant who deeply cares about the children in her care.

"Rachel specializes in SEND and one to one work with children from all different backgrounds and treats each child and an individual and tailors her approach to them.

"Rachel uses a combination of love, discipline and boundaries and will nip bulling in the bud before it becomes as issue.

"Rachel is very hard working and is a valued member of her team."

He said Rachel's key achievements have been in mental health training:

He said: "Helping children with their SATs and helping preparing them for moving to secondary school.

"She also helps to foster a kind caring and fair environment.

"Rachel won't accept bullying in any form."

He said she stops bullying before it becomes a real issue and makes children see the impact it has on other children.

He described her as being a team player who is willing to go the extra mile and she does playground duty in all weathers , freezing cold rain or shine.

Ry said: "Using her experience as an amazing teaching assistant to support her son through his SATs preparation."

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