WELL, well, here we are approaching the Easter weekend.

The Easter Saturday is traditionally one of our busiest days of the year, so if the weather is with us, it will be fun!

Easter is still very much a family and friends time, and where better to shop for a big family dinner than at the farmers’ market? 5 Livestock farmers and 4 vegetable growers should see you right!

It is a 5th Saturday this week so that means apart from the regulars, there will also be an unusual mix of traders.

The Stowe herd is back again with his Old Spot pork,

The Wild Garden is also in again and with the wild garlic season just getting into full swing there is a mouthwatering selection of pesto available.

Talking of Garlic, The Garlic Farm are also with us and why not roll with the subject and mention the great aroma of garlic frying that hits the market square at around 9am as Raclette Raclette start to prepare the days offering.

There will be Stroud made chocolate Easter eggs too, with the makers at Cococaravan busy this month with their hugely popular boxes of vegan chocolate Easter eggs, and if you are looking for hen, goose or duck eggs, well you will find them too. Other things to look out for include Days Cottage juices, ciders and perrys, VQ Country Wines, The Welsh Cake Lady, Cotswold Orchard Herbs’ Fire Cider, and cheeses from White Lake Cheeses and Village Maid.