FORMER Stroud resident Saskia Marjoram is growing a career in flower essences.

Saskia, who is the daughter of former Mayor John Marjoram, now lives in East Somerset but her heart is very much in Stroud where many of her flower essences are produced.

Saskia said: "For the time being, I am a flower essence producer and practitioner... and have worked with plants my whole working life ( mostly as a professional gardener and florist alongside being the mother of two sons.

"I have been making essences for more than twenty years - originally with someone else where it was our #sidehustle ... and then about 6 years ago I took the company on solo, rebranded and it became my sole 'job' .... I jokingly say that it was a bit like having a boyfriend that you thought you knew everything about and then you moved in together.

"My depth of knowledge and feeling about the essences in our range has grown exponentially since then and I properly feel like I know what each essence has to offer - although they can still surprise me.

You can keep up to date with Saskia on social media and at her website:

Among the flower essences available from Saskia are:

Beech Flower Essence ~ tolerance. Fagus sylvatica

Beech flower essence is for strong capable people who find it difficult to cope with how other people are. It helps with understanding that we are all on our own unique path and that life is full of opportunities.

There is also Bee Orchid Flower Essence ~ full potential. Ophrys fusca

Bee Orchid flower essence helps us to open to our highest potential. It removes resistance, enabling us to become the best version of ourselves.

Borage Flower Essence ~ I can cope. Borago officinalis

Borage flower essence brings calm and balance when you feel you have lost the support that surrounds you.

Bluebell Flower Essence ~ I am heard. Endimion non-scriptus

Bluebell flower essence lets you know you are supported and strong. It is a good essence if you have problems speaking up for yourself and are shy. It is also very good for any problems with the throat as well as singing.

This essence is part of both our Speaking with Confidence and Strength and Support blends