KAI Painter has been nominated as Young Person of the Year in the Stroud News & Journal Community Awards.

Willow DriverSharp nominated Kai, aged 17, for his work in the community with the Door youth project, where he does volunteering work as part of a T-Level at Cirencester College.

Willow said: “Kai works hard in his community to be a positive role model amongst his peers and volunteering with The Door Youth Project.

“He goes above and beyond his expectations, and is growing in confidence in sharing his ideas within the team.

“He takes initiative in his work and volunteering, leading projects outside of his scheduled hours and looks for feedback along the way.

“Kai faces and has faced adversities which might make it easy for a young person to shy away but Kai is starting to embrace these and use his experiences to help others.

“He is beginning to ask for help when he needs it, and shows confidence in his progression.

“Kai is a fantastic role model, and he leaves a positive impact with everyone who meets him.”

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