As a parent I really want to raise awareness about some of the negative impact this new wave of AI apps is having in our schools.

ChatGPT was mostly fine, it seemed to impact homework a bit but teachers started using AI checkers and switched to more in person testing and seem to have the situation handled.

But this next wave of AI apps seem far far more dangerous and I'd really like to see them age restricted or banned. "looksrater" for example is a site that ran through our school causing massive issues with bullying and exclusion.

On the site you can submit a picture of yourself or anyone else and it'll use AI to rate every aspect of your appearance out of 10 while going into detail on your faults. It's horrible. If you thought Instagram was doing damage to our kid's self image and self esteem you should see the effect this has. My daughter was crying because some of the boys in her class put her on the app and shared her score. It's just awful.

The kids have a list of their scores ranked. Even if a kid doesn't want to use the website they'll just take a photo from their social media. In some cases they'll take pictures of other kids themselves. The number of issues with bullying have sky-rocketed.

The school can't really do anything because even if they banned phones the kids would just use them outside of school uploading eachother's social media pictures.

I got taken completely by surprise on this and I don't want this to happen to other kids or parents. Any awareness on this site would be a massive help for parents who might not even know their kids are going through this. I think it would be an amazing thing to inform them about.

I really appreciate you reading this.



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