Yes. the UK has much to be proud of (and some not so, such as slavery) but Tom Newman (letters April10th) is wrong about our history.

We have not been free of an invading foreign power for ‘practically 2000 years’. as the Roman army left in the 4th century (1600 years approx.). This was not the last invasion either.

Where were you Tom during history lessons on 1066 & the Norman Invasion? This was a ruthless military invasion with land in England & Wales surveyed (Domesday Book) & given to the all conquering Norman Lords who built hundreds of castles to control the english & welsh populations.

Albeit less violent, this country was invaded in 1485 by a foreign force led by Henry Tudor leading to the battle of Bosworth & the killing of the king (Richard 3rd). Henry Tudor used fiscal policy & propaganda to legitimise his claim to the throne (plus some judicial excecutions) so the people that mattered i,e. had wealth & titles, were cowed down.

As for Brexit I like all voters will make up my own mind when the chance comes later this year (other issues being considered as well) & I don’t need advice from someone who is happy to pick & choose historical facts to fit a particular mindset!

Rumour has it that the Conservatives are heading for their biggest election defeat since Tony Blair.s landside. Funny about that, after all that success from Brexit.

Sue Hawking