Fortunate enough to be taken to see Matinee performance of this most excellent production, on 18th April 2024, I have just seen Matt Holmes report in current Standard edition, I have been prompted to make my feelings known, now,rather than not at all... and you needed to concentrate, rather than 'sit back and be entertained'.

I am in awe of such talent, in a full 70 minute presentation, with constant, (remembered!) and difficult, subtly changing dialogue, stark scene setting which was so very right, and lighting which set timings and scenes as they moved forward with unfolding story - I came away dazed by sheer professionalism.

Yes a sad story ultimately, but some joyous giggles to be had along the way, The sound is always good at the Barn, so goes almost unnoticed, but essential to an aged hearing-aids user, thank you for the high standards being kept going.

This admiration comes from long ago 'amateur dramatics' personal experience, thus some knowledge of the expertise involved on all levels

Nick Payne was a genius playwright.

Well done to all, the 70 minutes went so quickly, uninterrupted by interval. Oh! and we love our Barn Theatre

Ella Townley