IT has been announced that discount chain Lidl is hoping to open a supermarket in Nailsworth.

It comes as the national retailer recently announced a list of more than 1,100 locations across the country where it intends to relocate existing stores and open new supermarkets.

However, it is currently unknown where exactly the German brand may wish to open the new supermarket in the town. 

Meanwhile, Lidl has also revealed it may relocate its existing Dursley store in Kingshill Road as part of the same scheme.

It is understood that if the move goes ahead, the chain would relocate into a new site in the Dursley area.

Lidl currently has two stores in the district - including in Dudbridge Road, Stroud which opened in December 2021 and Dursley which opened in November 2009.

Similarly, the low-cost supermarket chain has also outlined plans to open another store in Gloucester and another store in Cheltenham. 

Nailsworth currently has one supermarket Morrisons and two smaller stores, a Tesco Express and a Co-operative Food.

Lidl, which is the UK's sixth biggest supermarket, currently has about 960 stores.

Stroud News and Journal: The Cainscross Lidl (above) and the Dursley Lidl (below) The Cainscross Lidl (above) and the Dursley Lidl (below) (Image: Lidl)

Tony Davey, chair of Stroud & district Chamber of Trade, said: "It's often interesting to look at the prospective growth plans of national businesses, to understand where they may wish to continue to expand and invest.

"Sometimes these lists are simply speculative, possibly hooking the interest of developers or pro-active agents who may step forward with proposals, more than being solid statements of intention.

"Other times, outgrowing the potential of an existing site can drive a need to move to a bigger or better positioned site.

"As our population grows and housing continues to be built, we need to ensure services are available to satisfy growing and changing needs.

"We also need to consider how our local economy is impacted through planning choices made; not repeating the blows of the past and making sure we learn from history and our mistakes, so as not to damage our town centres, negatively impact communities and reduce choice.

"This is where the need for a local plan (and localised Neighbourhood Development Plans) are so important - they can act as checks and balances to ensure properly considered growth that benefits our communities."

Richard Taylor, Lidl Great Britain's chief development officer, said: "As we celebrate our 30th year, our commitment to ensuring that all households across the country have access to high-quality produce at affordable prices is stronger than ever.

"We're planning to open hundreds of new Lidl stores but ultimately see no ceiling on our ambition or growth potential.

"This is why we're continuing to invest in new locations whilst exploring innovative routes to expansion."

Stroud News and Journal: A list by Lidl showing where it wants to open new stores and relocate old ones A list by Lidl showing where it wants to open new stores and relocate old ones (Image: Lidl)

Stroud News and Journal: A map by Lidl showing where it wants to open new stores and relocate old ones A map by Lidl showing where it wants to open new stores and relocate old ones (Image: Lidl)