THE OPENING date for the popular Stratford Park Lido has now been revealed. 

The open-air pool - which since 1937 has been a favourite spot for a cooling dip - is set to reopen on Saturday, May 25. 

Volunteers have been hard at work sprucing up the area around the pool, and Stroud District Council’s leisure operator Everyone Active has scheduled a major clean before opening.

The council runs the facility at a loss but recognises its value to the community.

Stratford Park Outdoor Pool was opened in the summer of 1937.

Although initially heated before World War II, the Lido is now a cold-water pool after the metal heating elements were dismantled for the war effort, and open for around 100 days a year during the summer months.

A 2017 public consultation run by SDC, Stroud Town Council and The Friends tested a selection of names with the public. The most popular was 'Stratford Park Lido', which is how the pool has been referred to since then.

Customers and members can book online, via the Everyone Active App, over the phone or at the centre. Refreshments and snacks will be available to purchase on site.

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