VISITORS to the town centre will have seen that more boards are going up at the Market Tavern site on Union Street.

This initiative is overseen by Stroud Town Council and funded through a combination of Million Hours (National Lottery Community Funding) for diversionary activities on behalf of young people and the owners of the Market Tavern site.

The boards are currently available as a designated street art site, for use by anyone.

However, on Sunday, July 7,  as part of Stroud Paint Festival, the boards will then become the site of a 'jam' where well-regarded street artists will gather to plan some permanent murals for the town that are sure to brighten up various designated sites and walls, reflecting the vibrant and artistic tendencies of Stroud.

Stroud News and Journal: New Boards erected at Market Tavern Site for Street Art 'Jam'Helen Bojaniwska, CEO of Stroud Town Council, said: "We're pleased to support the Paint Festival by helping to find suitable locations to undertake the Stroud Paint Festival murals."

Organising artist Lee Kirby expressed excitement ahead of the Stroud Paint Festival, noting the number of highly esteemed artists joining the project. 

Stroud News and Journal: New Boards erected at Market Tavern Site for Street Art 'Jam'He said: "This is going to be an amazing celebration of street art in Stroud."

The organisers have put out a call for organisations and companies who would like to add their sponsorship to the event, presenting a great opportunity to have strong associations with the youthful and expressive side of Stroud life.

Those wanting to find out more can email

Potential venues designated for the murals include:

  • The underpass near Travis Perkins
  • The Market Tavern, with extra boards soon to be wrapping around the premises
  • The Police Station
  • The Opticians by Coffee #1
  • Milano's Cafe
  • Stroud Brewery

These locations (subject to change) were chosen to highlight the town's commitment to fostering a creative and inclusive environment, encouraging artistic expression, and enhancing the visual appeal of Stroud.