On the outside, a Fascist government and a Communist government look very similar. Both are forceful totalitarian dictatorships with extremist ideologies violently imposed on their own populations and that wage a perpetual war against A N enemy within and/or without, (divide and rule). Similar-looking regimes have popped up all over the world: in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ideologies apart - not on your nelly, please!

As we are now well into the 21st century, and almost everyone has access to a computer and the internet, we should have gleaned all this at school so as not to be doomed to repeat it. It should not be beyond the wit of man/woman to come up with a system of direct democracy where most key decisions affecting our lives can be decided at local, district level and by popular vote on an App, or some similar new-fangled way, that is designed for purpose. 

Many are feeling disempowered by the upcoming election that will likely end up with another Labour government to whom we will cede control for the next ten years, where key decisions will be made on our behalf by bureaucrats, industrialists, globalists, and bankers with politicians from Westminster nominally representing their constituent’s interests, but in effect, not really.

Great Britain is the world’s oldest democracy and it’s creaking! In progressive Asian countries, democracy has been modernised so that when you go into the voting booth, you are not treated like a second-class citizen, but actually given a range of options of things to vote on: the leader, as well as your local MP representative, and the policies you prefer on education, health, housing, food etc. The MP then works to achieve what the majority has voted them to do. (ie: they work for us).

I am fully aware that no system of governing is perfect, but we can at least come up with a system that puts more control in people’s hands. This is one way we can banish forever the allure of totalitarianism - which is perfect for 1% but misery for the rest. 

How do we avoid becoming a totalitarian state ourselves? - Be vigilant of centrally imposed ideologies that don’t make sense. - Constantly question where and why our armed services are being deployed -  Never give up our freedom of speech, however uncomfortable it may be for others to hear -  have efficient juries to dissolve civil disputes (so they can’t divide and rule), etc. I haven’t covered everything; please add your thoughts.

Marcus Blackett