A FAMILY-RUN games business is hosting an outdoor gaming day for one of its signature games.

Oakbound Studio, which is based in Stonehouse, is a fantasy miniatures company which grew out of a love for classic role-playing and wargames.

Its scalable miniatures game The Woods is rooted in the folklore of ancient Britain and Europe, with players able to take control of characters, form warbands and lead armies into battle.

The Woods in the woods, the company's annual gathering of players of the game for a day of friendly gaming, will this year take place from 10am on June 29 at Wild Woodland Celebrations at West Ruggers Green near Nailsworth.

“It’s the perfect way to get started with this unique system, meet fellow players, refine your strategy and check out Work-In-Progress, forthcoming releases and artefacts of interest from the Oakbound collection,” a spokesperson for the business said.

Oakbound Studio's miniatures are hand-crafted using traditional techniques to create the classic aesthetics of figurines from the 1980s and 1990s, with games combining modern strategic mechanics with an emphasis on narrative and character.

During The Woods in the woods, scenic three-feet tables will be provided for players’ use.

Players will be able to play as many games against as many players as they like, and they can develop and expand their warband as they go and arrange multiplayer games.

It’s also common for some tables to be pushed together at the end of the annual day for a larger skirmish between all-comers.

It will be free to play at The Woods in the woods, but booking a free ticket helps the company plan for capacity.

The event is primarily for adults, though adults are welcome to bring children if they have an interest in the games and treat other gamers with respect.

Unaccompanied under 18s will not be allowed on site.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided throughout the event, but attendees should bring their own lunch (as well as weather-appropriate attire).

For more information and to book a free ticket, visit oakbound.co.uk/gamesday