A STROUD event which has been described as a 'lifeline' could close unless more volunteers are found. 

The Seatery, a community space at The Cornhill, emerged as a volunteer-led initiative during challenging times.

It has since blossomed into a cherished weekly Friday gathering spot between 11am and 2pm for performers and residents alike.

The Seatery is a free space for people to eat, play, relax, and listen to music.

(Image: Supplied) It is designed to bring people together to perform and enjoy the summer.

However Stroud Town Council is short-staffed and needs help from volunteers throughout August to help the Seatery continue.

Duties include welcoming musicians, opening gates and toilets, contacting the town council if support is needed plus setting up chairs and tables for performers and lunch crowd. 

(Image: Supplied) Laura Beattie, community development officer at the town council, emphasises the importance of community involvement.

She said: "The Seatery started as a grassroots effort to bring people together safely outdoors.

"Seeing it continue and grow has been really pleasing.

"We're now calling on the community to help sustain this valuable space through the summer.

"It's a perfect opportunity for everyone to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere they've come to love."

A Stroud musician said: "During the pandemic, the Seatery became a lifeline. 

"It gave us a safe outdoor space to perform and connect when we needed it most."

One visitor added: "As a new mum, having access to another set of baby-changing facilities right in the heart of town is always welcome. "

"It's made Friday outings with my little one so much easier and more enjoyable."

A town council spokesperson added: "We welcome support from musicians and those who enjoy the space.

"Let's keep The Seatery thriving as a testament to our community's spirit and creativity!"

Anyone who would like to volunteer or needs more information should contact council@stroudtown.gov.uk