A PAINSWICK tennis star represented Great Britain in a special event which was full of ' 'incredibly strong and inspiring women'. 

The former Stroud High School student - ahead of her Wimbledon doubles encounter on Wednesday - was invited to play a special one set match to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wightman Cup. 

The cup was an annual Team GB vs USA ladies event, which ran from 1923-1989, except for during the Second World War. 

Barnett and playing partner Emily Appleton faced the US duo of Fiona Crawley and Alana Smith on Saturday, which took place before the Eastbourne final. 

Barnett and Appleton were also coached by Judy Murray for the one-off event, with Barnett said was an 'honour to be a part of'. 

(Image: Getty/LTA)

(Image: Getty Images/LTA) Speaking after the encounter, Alicia said: "I think it's amazing to be part of such a momentous occasion and I was very honoured to be asked to represent GB and be part of such celebration.

"I think it was incredible that so many former players and incredibly strong and inspiring women were there to celebrate the occasion.

"The crowd really got behind it and they were really loud, so the energy was incredible.

"At certain points I had proper goosebumps.

"I'm really grateful to everyone that was there to mark this and help celebrate all the players who had previous played the event.

"I want to thank everyone who made it possible.

"It was great to have it at Eastbourne.

"Hopefully we can keep pushing for team tennis because those are the moments that you really play for. "

Caroline Lacy, LTA’s Head of Tennis Relations and Event Development, said: “Eastbourne is the perfect place to celebrate this slice of tennis history. 

"And it’s fitting that, by chance, the combined ages of the four players is exactly 100.”