THE NEXT Stroud MP has been revealed in a dramatic election night.

Dr Simon Opher (Labour Party) has been announced as the next member of parliament for the Stroud constituency.

Conservative former MP Siobhan Baillie - who had held the seat since the 2019 election - came in second place. 

The results are as follows

  • Simon Opher (Labour Party) 25,607 
  • Siobhan Baillie (Conservative) 14, 219
  • Chris Lester (Reform UK) 6,329 
  • Pete Kennedy (Green Party) 5,729
  • George James (Liberal Democrats) 2,913
  • Saskia Whitfield (Independent) 261
  • Jason Hughes (VOLT UK) 163

This result comes as the Labour Party was due to a win a landslide majority, with the 10pm exit poll suggesting they would win as many as 410 seats.

Turnout in the Stroud constituency on Thursday was 71 per cent - with 55,452 people voting out of an electorate of 77,905.

This was a lower turnout in contrast to 2019's snap election where 78 per cent of the electorate voted.

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