DEPARTING Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has issued a statement after her election defeat. 

Conservative Siobhan Baillie who finished in second place receiving 11,000 less votes than new Labour MP Dr Simon Opher, has issued a statement to the SNJ after the defeat. 

In it, she says that Stroud is a 'special place' and that it has been 'the honour of her life' to represent the constituency. 

This is what she had to say. 

A few days have now passed since polling day for the General Election. I remain a bit gutted by the result as I wanted to continue the good work.

Still, how lucky are we to live in a country where democracy happens freely without fuss or favour. We should never take it for granted.

I wish Simon every success. 

It is in all our interests he does well as our Member of Parliament at a dangerous time for the country and the world. My team will be working with his team to smoothly hand over casework and other stuff in the coming days and weeks.

Stroud is very special to me. 

My babies were born here and I have always been proud of how creative, innovative and determined so many people, businesses and groups are throughout the valleys and vale.  It has been the honour of my life to represent our wonderful quirky bit of the Cotswolds. 

And while I would never claim to have got everything right, I am at peace that I could not have worked harder and I have shown that politics can be a force for good, regardless of challenges and the abuse at times.

On a personal level, I cannot get used to my diary not showing every minute of the day filled with visits, calls and meetings, but that will not last.  I have always worked at one hundred miles an hour so I am looking forward to my next adventure. 

Until then, it is nice of the public to insist on me having an unexpected holiday with the children! I am already annoying them with a busy schedule of things to do. 

I will also keep an eye on what Labour are up to.  I found myself shouting at the radio when it was suggested in the media the Chancellor was effectively calling people ‘nimbies’ as her first act - a label I hate with a passion.

Local people must be able to challenge overdevelopment or poor infrastructure and rubbish Local Plans from councils.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has sent such kind messages about my work and time as your MP.

I also want to extend my thanks to everybody who worked to ensure the election went smoothly and to all those who stood for election.