STROUD-based wildlife activist Ian Redmond OBE has complained to councillors in South Gloucestershire after crashing his bike into a ‘camouflaged’ bollard near Bristol.

Mr Redmond, who is chairman of The Ape Alliance – an organisation dedicated to ape welfare, suffered cuts to his face and a severely bruised hand after colliding with the newly installed, white bollard on the Avon Cycleway in Filton, Bristol.

He claims he did not see the post because it blended almost seamlessly with the white line painted on the path behind it and has called on authorities to either fit reflective strips or remove them altogether.

"Thankfully my bike and I survived serious damage but my hand still hurts quite a lot," said Mr Redmond, who at the time had just departed a train and was cycling to the University of Bristol to encourage students to support The Ape Alliance.

"I hope they were not totally put off by my bloody appearance."

A spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said reflective bands would be added to the bollards shortly.

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