CHILDREN from Sheepscombe Primary School made every penny count when they created a coin trail around the playground.

The 60 pupils raised £140 to pay school fees for children in Nepal.

For the past two years, each of the three classes at Sheepscombe have sponsored a child through the charity Education, Protection and Help for Children.

The children, Arjun, Nima and Monika, are aged seven and their parents cannot afford to send them to school.

Anne Milston, Sheepscombe's acting headteacher, said: "The children filled jars and pots with coppers and had a competition to see which class had collected the most by laying out the coins in the playground.

"Class 3 won with their 23-metre long trail which stretched from the gate across the playground and down the footpath."

"The link with these children in Nepal helps our children appreciate the wider world we live in and how other youngsters live."

Each class at Sheepscombe has a photograph of their sponsored child and information about them.