FORMER government scientific advisor Dr Chris Cheeseman will join David Drew in leading a discussion on the cull of badgers.

The public meeting takes place at the Old Town Hall, Stroud, on Saturday, September 17, from 10am until 12.30pm.

Cllr Drew and Dr Cheeseman will share ideas with the audience on ways the cull can be challenged.

It was announced last month that the coalition Government was strongly minded to go forward with a badger culling exercise to reduce bovine TB. Millions of pounds have been spent and thousands of badgers killed as part of a survey - but the Badger Trust said it did not significantly reduce bovine TB.

The Gloucestershire Badger Group and local supporters invite everybody interested in preventing the slaughter of even more badgers to attend the meeting. Whether people just want to listen to the discussion and learn more about the situation, or whether they have ideas to contribute, everybody will be warmly welcomed.

For further details e-mail or ring 07840 529218