STROUD District Council's deputy chairman Ray Apperley was arrested after cannabis plants and two canisters of CS gas were found at his home, it emerged this week.

Officers seized 28 plants, a quantity of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin plus the CS gas following a raid on Cllr Apperley's home in Longridge, near Sheepscombe on August 19.

Cllr Apperley, 67, (Con, The Stanleys) was arrested along with a 63-year-old woman.

Gloucestershire police carried out the raid after Cllr Apperley's son Richard Apperley, 35, was arrested by officers in Essex.

On Tuesday, November 15, Cllr Apperley was formerly cautioned for possessing the CS spray while his son was charged with producing and possessing cannabis.

No further action was taken against the woman.

Richard Apperley is due to appear at Stroud MagistratesÕ Court on December 5.

In a statement to the SNJ, Cllr Apperley said the canisters were for his own protection in case his house was burgled.

"I have a long-term serious health condition and live at the end of a track, 500 yards from a proper road and my nearest neighbour is 150 yards away," he said.

"The use of CS gas immobilises an intruder but it does them no harm."

Cllr Apperley said he brought the canisters legally in Poland.

The gas is used by police and causes vomiting, disorientation, burning in the nose and throat and makes the eyes stream. Classed as a prohibited weapon, it is illegal for members of the public to possess it.

Cllr Apperley was voted in as SDC deputy chairman earlier this year after returning to the Conservative group following a spell as an independent Ð a move which enabled the party to maintain control of the council.

He is due to make a statement on the matter at SDC's full council meeting which starts at 7pm at Ebley Mill tomorrow, Thursday.

A report of the meeting will be posted at