PROTESTERS are planning to disrupt the badger cull in Gloucestershire by pouring human urine on bait traps.

Stop the Cull, the umbrella group co-ordinating opposition to the shootings, says urine could help sabotage the mass shooting.

It is understood that baits, such as peanuts, will be used by marksmen to entice badgers from their setts in an area near Tewkesbury.

Campaigners from Stop the Cull plan to sprinkle human urine on the food and around the area to neutralise the smell of the bait, keeping the animals under ground.

It is believed that male urine is more effective and an appeal has been launched for male supporters to help look for bait points.

A statement on the groups website says: "Make sure the container has a very good screw lid and is washed down (use a funnel) and then put it in a bag. The fizzy drinks bottles are ideal.

"When you get to the bait point pour a little bit on top and then do a nice big circle around it."

The use of urine is the latest in a series of tactics by opponents ahead of the imminent cull.

As police in Gloucestershire prepare for an escalating sabotage campaign, officers have been told they are not allowed to take any holiday leave until January.

A spokesman for the force said the decision to restrict leave was 'regrettable' but unavoidable given the 'increased demands' being placed on the force as a result of the cull.

"This is regrettable, but is standard practice when planning for events which may place increased demands upon our resources," he said.

"Any leave already booked will be honoured. The situation will be kept constantly under review."

*  This week, Lib Dem county councillors called for an extraordinary full council meeting to review the policy on allowing tenanted farmers to cull on council owned land.