CELEBRITY chefs from Hobbs House Bakery in Nailsworth are appearing in their third series of Fabulous Baker Brothers.

The show on Discovery’s TLC UK channel aired on Monday, March 16, and fans can watch Tom and Henry Herbert bake their way around Great Britain over the course of six days.

Each programme ends with a feast in an amazing location with food producers and local residents.

The baking tour started in Rye, before moving onto Bakewell, Winchester, Cartmel, Monmouth and ending in Wells.

In the first episode in Rye, Tom and Henry enjoy baking with the finest coastal produce and foraging deep in the woods.

And in the second episode, further north in Bakewell, Tom makes a beer pizza using local brewers’ beer, with Henry selecting the topping with the finest garden produce.

The series was filmed in the glorious heat of last summer, where the boys toured the country finding the greatest food producers.

The programmes contain the classic sibling rivalry including a cook off between the brothers.