NEW landlords have taken over the Prince of Wales pub in ashes Green and are determined to bring it back to life.

Joel and Sarah Ingram, who have moved to Stroud from Somerset, are brimming with ideas on how to make it a social hub.

Joel said: “We are trying to turn it around and bring it back to the community.

“Business has been very very good and after two weeks of opening we had pulled 1600 pints.”

Saying that the secret to a good pub is getting to know the locals and making everyone feel welcome they have re-introduced a food menu.

Plans also include hosting events for charities and having regular gigs on Saturdays.

The pub is welcoming two dart teams back into the fold and will hold competitions with other pubs in Stroud.

They have hopes to host a music festival and will be looking for bands to take part but in the mean time there’s full schedule over Easter.