CALL to reduce harm from radiation

The European Environment Agency issued a press release in January 2013 to announce its major report written to alert governments to the threat of health risks from microwave technology - mobile and cordless phones, WiFi and other microwave devices.

The 750-page report, called Late Lessons from Early Warnings, details twenty new case studies and has radical implications for policy making in the EU, Germany, France and Austria have already banned wi-fi in schools.

One chapter deals with the risk of brain tumours from mobile phone radiation, classed as “possibly carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Last October the WHO changed the classification from “possibly” to “definitely” carcinogenic.

The report laments the fact that governments and the mobile phone industry have been so slow to respond to WHO’s warnings.

It accuses the industry of “inertia in considering the…studies and taking the IARC carcinogenic classification into account.”

The report also criticises the media for “not providing the public with information on…health risks” and accuses governments of shirking “their responsibilities to protect public health from this widespread source of radiation.

It recommends that governments and the mobile industry take measures to reduce radiation exposure, and that mobile phones carry health warnings.

The 750-page report can be seen at

In the UK fourteen years ago Iain Duncan Smith called for an urgent government probe into the link between mobile phone masts and cancer.

This has not yet been done.

Yet cancer and leukaemia clusters around masts are well documented (see Powerwatch and Mast Sanity).

With the roll-out of 4G the radiation has intensified.

Doctors and therapists see an increase in radiation symptoms from masts, mobile phones and wi-fi: fatigue, headaches, dizziness, sleep problems, depression, irritability and the feeling of being heated up.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says radiation is “the biggest health issue of our time.”

There are nine masts around Stroud and six in Nailsworth (see Ofcom Sitefinder).

Our current obsession with being constantly in touch, and making unnecessary calls, means more masts and increased emissions.

“We don’t want to believe that our new toys to which we are so attached – and which bring in enormous profits – could also cause our demise or that of our children. “ – David Servan-Schreiber MD.

Dr Servan-Schreiber was a heavy mobile phone user.

He died in 2011 from a brain tumour.

The UK emissions are 100x higher than in France or Germany.

The Continent is more aware of the risks than we are.

On February 1 this year The Independent ran the article: Germany advises citizens to avoid using wi-fi.

Late Lessons from Early Warnings urges governments and the mobile industry to take measures to reduce radiation exposure.

And a Belgian minister has said “I have decided to forbid the further development of new phone masts. It’s a matter of public health.”

The German government advises its citizens not to use wi-fi, only wired internet, and landlines instead of mobiles.

So who is protecting us?

No one - we have to do it ourselves.

We’ve held four public meetings to alert people to the risks of microwave radiation and share ways of protecting ourselves.

We can write to the press and our MP, urging him to introduce legislation to implement the safer option.

There is a healthier option to the pulsed signals from masts.

It’s the pulsing that does the harm, and Alex Goldsworthy recommends that a second signal be added “to create a continuous, non-pulsed, relatively harmless signal”.

This would require very little extra band width and little additional cost.

If you are concerned about the effects of microwave radiation, and want to know how to protect yourself and your family, come and hear Dr. Andrew Tresidder, a Somerset GP, describe the symptoms.

He will speak on October 22 in The Old Town Hall, The Shambles at 8 o’clock.

Protect the Public Against Microwave Radiation