DO YOU enjoy walking your local footpaths?

Do you sometimes wish you could do something about keeping them safe and accessible?

Well, you can.

The Cotswold Voluntary Wardens should have a representative in every parish for just this purpose.

Some parishes have even formed their own Footpath Group to inspect rights of way and report problems they can't deal with.

That's where you come in.

There are several parishes - Frocester, Avening, Woodchester, Brimscombe and Minchinhampton most recently - that now lack wardens.

Could you help fulfill a need where you live?

The burden is not onerous.

You choose your patrolling times to suit yourself.

A three or four mile walk, with family and friends if you wish, once a month, so that you cover most of the rights of way in your area in the course of a year, would be great.

Large scale maps and free training - with a lovely meal - are provided.

If you don't feel you want to be a Volunteer Warden straight away, that's fine.

Just report what paths you walk and any problems you find to the District Coordinator.

For more details of what Volunteer Wardens do, look at the Cotswolds AONB website and contact them by email or phone at their Northleach headquarters.

Or let them know if you have or wish to form a parish footpath group.

And take secateurs and a stout stick with you.

Anyone is allowed to remove obstructive foliage and other growth on a public right of way.